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    Pantone colore moda Primavera-Estate 2020 – di London Fashion Week

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    Questi i 12 più 4 neutrali di pantone color decretati dalla London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020

    PANTONE 18-1664 Fiery Red Emanating heat and energy, dramatic and dynamic Fiery Red is impossible to ignore.

    PANTONE 15-1157Flame OrangeLinked to a radiant sunset, luminous Flame Orange positively glows.

    PANTONE 16-4127 Heritage Blue A time-honored blue hue Heritage Blue speaks of tradition, dependability and continuity.

    PANTONE 16-1534 Blush Beauty Blush Beauty engages, embraces and warms.

    PANTONE 13-4720 Tanager Turquoise Tanager Turquoise cools with its soothing presence.

    PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue An expansive presence, Classic Blue is evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky opening a world of possibilities.

    PANTONE 18-2143 Beetroot Purple A startling and shocking fuchsia tone, Beetroot Purple tempts the eye.

    PANTONE 19-5217 Storm Storm captivates with its rich depth.

    PANTONE 11-0622 Yellow Iris Eye catching Yellow Iris expresses positivity and optimism.

    PANTONE 18-1512 Rose Brown Warm and grounded, the full- bodied Rose Brown enriches both mind and body.

    PANTONE 14-1513 Blossom Blossom, a petal soft pink elicits an aura of romance.

    PANTONE 18-1547 Bossa Nova Upbeat Bossa Nova, is a pulsing and suggestive red with an earthy brown undertone.


    PANTONE 15-1314 Cuban Sand Cuban Sand’s inherent warmth nurtures and comforts.

    PANTONE 19-4021 Blueberry Blueberry, a thought provoking midnight blue implying an air of mystery.

    PANTONE 11-4800 Blanc de Blanc Blanc de Blanc is perceived as smooth, subtle and clarifying.

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